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Alligator Oil

We are offering 100% pure Florida Alligator Oil. Using state-of-the-art rendering we are able to offer you and your pets the best alligator oils available.

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Alligator Oil

First used by the native Borneans in Sarawak and the South Africans, the alligator oil is highly regarded as a wonder oil for the skin. Made with farmed alligators,
the oil is completely natural and unadulterated with any chemicals. While only recent discovery has been the oil popular, the oil has in fact been used for many generations by natural healers.

Alligators are regarded as living fossils due to their resistance to evolutionary change. Recently scientists discovered that alligator have the strongest immune system in the world. Our oil is not modified in anyway which could degrade the active properties of the oil.
Tests have found that the substance in the alligator blood and fat, an anti-microbial peptide, kills strains of virulent bacteria that are resistant to all standard antibiotics. Despite the horrendous injuries that alligator inflict on each other, their wounds rarely get infected, even when submerged in contaminated muddy streams. The wounds also heal in a very short time.

Scientists have discovered a powerful agent in a alligator that may one day be used to fight off infection. Natural antibiotics have been found in various animals including frogs and toads, but now we can add alligators to that.

We make no claims about the oil but our customers do!

Our alligator oil is:

The Jamu Shop No chemicals, perfumes or additives
The Jamu Shop Anti Wrinkle (thickens and plumps up the skin making wrinkles less obvious)
The Jamu Shop Non-Comedogenic (does not block pores)
The Jamu Shop Highly Penetrative
The Jamu Shop Rich in Omega's - 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E
The Jamu Shop Gentle for all skin types

Alligators are farmed for their meat, the same as cattle and chickens, The meat is low in cholesterol and regarded as a delicacy in many restaurants around the world. There is less than 800g of fat on each alligator which can be used for medical research. The fat is a by product of farming and unless used for medical purposes it is discarded. No alligators are killed for the sole purpose of obtaining the fat. Other parts of the alligators are used for leather goods, the meat as well as other medicinal products. 

[ Indications ]
Helps stop bleeding, burns, hot water scalds, sunburn, cuts, abrasions, cold sores, bruises, insect bites and stings, chafed, scraped and irritates and injured skin, helps to heal wounds, improve skin's condition and texture, treatment of pimples, helps prevent new acne and pimples, stomach ache, can be used as a massage oil, mosquito repellant oil, oil carminative. Its anti-bacterial and skin healing property is excellent for use in your treatment of acne as it helps to minimize scarring. 'Scarring is permanent while acne is temporary'. Excellent also for rosacea or eczema along the eyelids.

An example of the curative properties of this amazing oil. Picture 1-3 shows the healing action of the crocodile oil on a chemical burn of the skin. Duration: 2 weeks of once daily application.

25ml Pure Alligator Oil $19.99
50ml Pure Alligator Oil $34.99
100ml Pure Alligator Oil $59.99


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